Rack, Power and Cooling

Simple, Adaptable, Manageable

Simple, stand-alone or fully integrated solutions to turn any room into a reliable, available, business-wise and future driven data center.

CLM help you design and deploy power, cooling, monitor, manage and service your server room with ease and confidence.

Design your server rooms and closets the right way.

Networking Physical cabling

CLM is providers of IT infrastructure and network installations, providing IT support and installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions.

With a CLM, you get someone who:

  • Understands the latest standards, technologies, and installation practices
  • Provide high-quality workmanship backed by proven industry expertise
  • Uses only the best products and materials for the installations

Network Installation Services:

  • LAN/WAN design and installation services
  • Wireless network installations and design
  • Optical fiber splicing, termination, and installation services
  • Cable management and IT closet cleanup

Networking Switching

Whether you’re upgrading or designing your campus or branch network, we have the right switch solution, plus industry-leading network

CLM offer products for networking, wireless and all connectivity need. We will be able to provide design and implementation solutions from ground-up and/or provide solution to enhanced existing network, depending on your requirement.

Networking Wireless

Stay Connected, Anywhere, Anytime

CLM with broad range of products and comprehensive wireless technology to delivers simply better connections, so you can deliver awesome secure, reliable access to applications and services.

Networking WAN

Make IT connected anywhere, anytime

Interconnecting multiple company sites on a WAN is now a common practice, as is connecting the corporate network to the Internet, partners and custom­ers.

CLM to design of WAN requirement and help you to identify the most cost effective solution.