Little more About Us

Computer Land Malaysia Sdn Bhd (830827-V) (CLM), is provider of services and solutions for information and communication technology (ICT). Founded 2008, CLM is an established technology company that provides local business with technology solutions of unparalleled depth and quality – the same kind of comprehensive and robust offerings that our clients have been leveraging.

Computer Land Technologies Sdn Bhd (1007838-K) established in 2012 is fully providing services and support maintenance.

Today, CLM is growth with expertise team to providing after sales services, implementation, system integration, installation and support.

Vision and Mission

Our core mission will be to empower organizations of all sizes, across all indus­tries, with the latest and greatest technologies, so they can preserve business continuity, enhance operational efficiency, improve agility, maximize profitabil­ity, and gain a significant, sustained competitive advantage.

Solutions to Satisfy Virtually Any Business Need

CLM will deliver a vast array of technology solutions to our customers. These offer­ings will span all aspects of technology development, deployment, and admin­istration, to address the broadest range of business requirements.

Infrastructure Network Solutions 90%
Systems Solutions 80%
Virtualization Solution 70%
Security Solutions 85%

Our Team

CLM had a team of highly qualified consultants and engineer, who have broad experience in state-of-the-art technology solutions, as well as an in-depth understanding of the underlying business issues that drive such initiatives.

We are continuously investing in the development and advancement of our staff by providing high quality training and certification opportunities in the areas and technologies we support. Our certified experts are trained and certified by strict quality control to ensure we deliver professional, customized and personal experience to our clients. Our rigorous standards ensure that our consultants can diagnose system problems faster, ultimately reducing downtime and expenses.

Chen Kong Hyen

Managing Director

Hon Shuk Yee

Finance Director

William Ng

Sales Manager

Jackie Chong

Sales Manager

Shirley Ng

Inside Sales Manager

Emily Tan

Business Development Manager

Low Wai Loon

Solution Architect

Patrick Ngieng

Technical Manager


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